A way to access never before seen online viewing rooms, created by Holy David

The Golden Ratios are 32-bit access keys with the same encryption levels used by Google and Microsoft that revolutionize the way of accessing online viewing rooms and the security of guests with less than a 1 in 10 trillion chance of guessing the code


A year ago, Holy David revolutionized the way of making contemporary art, introducing green and carbon neutral practices for the prints and production of his works. Having completely eliminated the need for an artist studio, Holy David knew that another essential component for a new and future art was privacy and security.

In 2020 he began designing Simulacrum, the online viewing room of the future, with software technologies capable of guaranteeing levels of performance never seen before and dream use experiences. But without thinking about privacy and security, Simulacrum was far from complete.

"I wondered - how can I make Simulacrum not only a wonderful experience for those who want to see my paintings online, but also the safest experience ever experienced in a viewing room?"

Holy David took the first step in this direction by deciding not to ask for any type of personal data to access.

"To look at works of art, only art and the observer are enough. And nothing else "

Concierge, the first artist assistant of its kind.

For this reason, nowhere on the site and least of all on Simulacrum is there only Concierge, the first assistant artist of its kind.

Concierge is a jewel of privacy and technology. Concierge collects the information necessary to generate a first contact email with Holy David. And it doesn't stop there: to send the email, Concierge asks visitors to send it themselves with a manual action that puts control in the hands of the end user at 100%. No automation and no tracking mechanism is put in place by Concierge, as per instructions provided to the software.

The Golden Ratios, access keys to the highest technology

The second piece to be gutted was the key to access Simulacrum.

“For my guests and visitors, I want to create the best possible experience they have ever experienced. Simulacrum is the online viewing room for contemporary art. And I also want to bring the way to access it into the future, maintaining the privacy and obsessive attention to detail that distinguishes my work "

This is how the Golden Ratios were born, a concentration of technology never seen before in an artist's online viewing room.

The Golden Ratios are sent via private email from Holy David himself to designated Simulacrum visitors. A key is sent to only one person and is unique to that person.

The Golden Ratios, in fact, are born as unique 32-bit codes generated with a high entropy system. It is extremely rare for two Golden Sections to be identical to each other.

After generation, the sections are encrypted by the AES 265 encryption algorithm, the same one also used by Google and Microsoft. During the process, an encryption key is used that only Holy David knows.

Later, when the key is sent to the customers, a shared key is defined with a secret process, known only by the accessor to Simulacrum and by Holy David.

“Thanks to this process, my guests are given an access key that is unparalleled and which allows them to enter a personal and intimate session of Simulacrum, where it is they and only them. There are no passwords, usernames, dates of birth or other devilry collected. Only the pure and beautiful Golden Sections "

Since the key generation process is highly customized and personal, only 12 Simulacrum invitations are distributed to properly selected guests each month.

Thanks to the Golden Ratios, Simulacrum is truly the online viewing room of the future, with levels of privacy and security and guest care never seen in any other gallery or artist viewing room.

About Holy David

Holy David is the Italian contemporary artist who will introduce HyperArt to the world in 2022. He built Simulacrum, the new frontier of online viewing and introduced a way of experiencing art where privacy and the environment are constantly respected and elevated. .Holy David has never presented himself to the public and his identity is hidden, jealously guarded and never shared. Born in 1996, Holy David has been making art since he was 15 and has been breathing technology from 18. At 24 he has a revelation and realizes that the art of the future is the art where human beings and technology enhance each other, rather than compete. sterile.