Holy David offers state of the art privacy

Art is priceless and your privacy and confidentiality are too. That's why Holy David has the highest standards to keep your privacy always safe. Be it for a private viewing, a business chat via email or an interview, Holy David designed safe and discreet processes. Because what you see, say and do is only up to you.


Staying on the track of not tracking you

Holy David knows every moment is sacred, like when you are browsing his website. That's why he built it with zero tracking technology. You can be sure that all you do, read and see is just for yourself. It's an artist website like you've never seen before. Just for you to enjoy and explore.

Leaving the cookies to coffee shops

When you visit a website, a big quantity of data about you is tracked down and saved for marketing and other purposes. Holy David sees privacy as an essential human right and a mindless harvesting of data a theft. That's why Holy David has designed his website without tracking technologies. So you can browse his website with peace of mind and look at his artworks while your privacy is respected and elevated. From the homepage to the last line of a news, Holy David's website lets you have your space and your time.

Extremely tailored experience

Even without gathering data on your online behavior, Holy David's website is such a pleasure to look and explore. Pages flow fluidly, images catch your eye and a private session inside Simulacrum feels like a travel to a magic art gallery. Thoughtful design studies have been made to let you have a refined and exclusive web experience that lives up to your expectations and your taste.

Get the big picture. Out of the picture.

Private viewings of Holy David's artworks are the most intimate and special moments. Holy David built with the latest web technologies a place where you can finally access a completely new dimension of viewing art where it's just you and only you.

Golden Ratios

To let you have your own private Simulacrum session without asking for a password or personal data, Holy David designed Golden Ratios. Each Golden Ratio is a randomly-generated unique code that identifies you and only you. A Golden Ratio doesn't store personal information about you while giving you access to your exclusive Simulacrum session. And it does that thanks to the Golden Ratios that have been sent and their matching keys that are safely stored inside Simulacrum. Each month, Golden Ratios are destroyed in order to generate another pool of keys for the next group of extremely selected guests.

You and art

Only the artwork and the observer are needed to enjoy a private viewing. Period. Looking at a new artwork full of potential is a sacred and untouchable moment. That's why Simulacrum is built with meticulous craft so that you can have a virtual room all for you where it's just you and Holy David's masterpieces. With no tracking technologies and cookies. Be it your first session ever or the tenth one to catch all the tiny details, inside Simulacrum you always have a one of a kind private viewing experience.

Private access

Simulacrum is a future-forward cloud-based web app and it uses technologies that guarantee exceptional perfomances on all your devices. Even if online, only the carefully selected guests and Golden Ratios holders can get inside Simulacrum. And nobody else. Thanks to a one-to-one control mechanism between keys and generated codes, wheter you're watching an artworks or enjoying a moment of silence with Holy David's new masterpieces, you'll always be protected from unwanted eyes and unauthorized accesses.

Invitation only

Twenty guests each month. That's the number of guests Holy David personally selects to access Simulacrum. Guests are choosen from journalists, gallerists, artists and other excellent names to experience the high quality of Simulacrum. The number of guests guarantees to keep a spectacular viewing quality and experience for the whole month. Artworks are alwasy available, zoom is quick and sharp and key-codes matching algorithms never miss a shot. It's like being right in fornt of Holy David's masterpieces inside a real art gallery.

Contacts. With tact.

The first instants of a relationship really sets the mood of whatever comes next. And Holy David starts strong right from the beginning with your privacy and confidentiality. What you say and see stays only between the two of you.

Concierge, your new best friend

Holy David employs Concierge to collect your contacts and schedule meetings. Concierge is the virtual assistant based on simple yet sophisticated native web technologies. A form walks you through the preparation of the final message. Then, that message becomes a ready-to-send email that only you can send for your fullest control over the process.

What’s in store? Not you.

Every day on the web many pieces of data about us are required and often it's not clear how they will be used. The data Concierge collects are used to generate the email message that you'll send to Holy David himself from the email client of your choice. The data inside the message will never be archived, saved or profiled while your conversations will be kept only for the purposes of your business relationship. Holy David's biggest goal is to safeguard and protect both parts for the whole duration of your mutual discovery.

Leaving collecting only to artworks

Usually, for simple operations a huge quantity of data is requested and it often exceeds the quantity that is actually needed. Concierge has been instructed to collect only the pieces of information that can help Holy David get in touch with you without having to archive and profile them. This way, the collected data will be perfect to let Holy David know about his new contact without giving away too many details. You'll be able to get in touch with Holy David without compromising your privacy and your precious identity.

Full control, out of control

Staying in control of the whole process is the key to protect your online privacy. To keep the highest anonimity possible and if you need maximum discretion, Concierge is instructed to accept pseudonyms or fictional names that you can freely choose. Last but not least, the prepared message is sent only when you decide to do so from the email client of your choice. Nothing will be sent and done without your consent or action.