Simulacrum is a vision of a viewing room

Fast and amazingly smooth. Use it anywhere. Web technologies from the future. Exclusive invitation-only process. The highest privacy levels. It's the next-generation viewing room for the future of art.


Online viewing room

Get the big picture. Out of the picture.

When was the last time you felt the thrill of looking at new art with so much potential? Now you have a chance to feel it again. Holy David designed and built Simulacrum, the next generation invitation-only online viewing room. See every painting from the latest Holy David collection. Zoom in to capture every detail. Feel safe thanks to the high privacy systems. From home or on the go. This and much more is Simulacrum.

Eco-friendly artist

Lose track of time, without being tracked

The adrenaline rush you feel when you are in the same room with promising new art is a sacred experience. Zoom in on a painting, pause to read the details of the work or click a button to open Concierge. Simulacrum does not track and analyze anything. So you can have your exclusive 1 to 1 moment with Holy David artwork.

You can say goodbye to

  • Cookies

  • Profiling

  • Ads

All for view

Here's the personal data Simulacrum needs - none. Because looking at Holy David's artwork is a one-of-a-kind experience. And to look, all you need is you and the work. Thanks to Simulacrum, you can be sure that you and the paintings are alone in contemplation.

Deep connections over safe connection

Simulacrum isn't just gorgeous. It is also a software gem. To protect your viewing experience from any interference, Simulacrum uses secure HTTP protocols and web certificates that guarantee you a 100% secure session through your Internet connection. And thanks to the Golden Ratios, your personal data is always protected. So you can enjoy the paintings with all the peace of the world.

Near, far, wherever you art

Simulacrum is finely designed to be beautiful to watch on any device. Hyper-zoom on your living room computer. Browse the paintings on the tablet. Be enthralled by the story of each work on your mobile while jogging. With Simulacrum, you always have access to top quality art with you. So you can look at Holy David's artwork whenever you feel like it.

Near, far, wherever you art

Online viewing. Elevated. 

Let yourself be welcomed by new melodies, watch how everything slips like butter and be amazed by how fast and snappy everything is. Thanks to Simulacrum, you experience the same magic of watching exciting new art in person. With the care you would expect from an art gallery. And with the power of the technology of the future.

Go big.

Go big. Or go bigger.

Simulacrum has two fantastic zoom modes curated to the maximum. Zoom and HyperZoom. Each is finely tuned to show you the best level of detail on every device and on every type of screen. So you can approach Holy David's paintings as if they are right there in front of you.

One-of-a-time password. For highest safety

Access to Simulacrum is protected by the Golden Ratios that Holy David generates and sends to guests personally. A Golden Ratio contains 32 highly unique digits which are then encrypted by an advanced encryption algorithm also used by Google and Microsoft. Once encrypted, the access key to Simulacrum is practically almost impossible to guess.

Some more data

  • Less than a 1 in 10 trillion chance of guessing the code

  • AES 256 encoding also used by Google and Microsoft

This way, you can be sure that the access key you are using is unique and yours. You can enjoy an online viewing experience like you've never experienced it before.

Art of the future. Technologies of the future. 

To present such fantastic works of art Holy David could not help but create an equally fantastic software. Simulacrum is built with powerful web technologies also used by Adobe, Netflix and Nintendo. HyperZoom in on a work, close a session or browse from one painting to another. Everything is so smooth and immediate that you won't even feel like you're using a website.

Private viewing. For real.

Simulacrum is the king of privacy. To log in, you use a unique code which is impossible to identify and which does not contain your personal data. No tracking technology is used all the time. And that's just the beginning.

Learn more about Holy David and privacy

A great experience for you. And for the planet.

Holy David has halved his emissions because he virtualized his entire art studio. And the artworks you see on Simulacrum are printed with UK's first 100% carbon neutral printing service.