At the art of the environment

Holy David is building the future of art by deploying a virtual art production system and by printing artworks only with selected carbon neutral suppliers. Holy David wants to make art green and fully integrated with the environment.

Some say it's crazy.

But crazy doesn't mean impossible.

No studio. No emissions !

Reducing the impact of art on the environment starts with a revolution

At the art of the environment

At the art of the environment

Printing that doesn’t leave a print

Printing that doesn’t leave a print

Moving hearts. Without moving art.


Non polluting tokens.

Waiting for more environment-friendly NFTs

Art forward

And the best is yet to come

The commitment to make greener art doesn't stop here for Holy David

Moving art-moving forward.

Going where the green leads us.

Investing in green initiatives in art means planning for a better future

« The art of the future is green. And the future of art is green. I can not stress this enough. We have so many things to do that the most important thing now is to start somewhere, and then build from there. »

Holy David


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