Holy David

Your art of gold

Breathtaking art quality. A powerful statement of taste and timelessness. His first ever all computational art process. It’s not just new art, it’s beautiful new art. Show history how future-forward you were today with your collection.

Worldwide reveal early 2022

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Your art of gold

Top notch art

Ready for museums, galleries, your collection, history

The art quality of a Holy David is breathtaking. On display on your gallery walls, right in your living room or all over the web, just turn the lights on and watch how people react. Each Holy David’s artworks is an exceptional item that catches the eye and grabs people’s attention. They are hand crafted pieces of art that do not go under the radar and get people talking, looking and gazing. It’s your powerful statement of taste and timelessness.

Ready for museums, galleries, your collection, history

Just wow

The impressive art quality is impressive.

Holy David's artworks have the same quality you’d expect from high-end contemporary artists - not an emerging artist. Your collection will look fresh and refined at the same time all the time.

The impressive art quality is impressive.

Long term

He's here to stay

With his art production and creative powerhouse, Holy David's artworks keep coming and coming. Without lowering quality and execution. It's value that grows over time.


Art with craft

Inspired by his Italian heritage, each Holy David's artwork is created with high precision to details from start to finish, so you can have the finest art to show your collectors, friends or fans.

Museum quality

Great materials

Superb details

And even more


Rarities that are uniquely yours

Each artwork is handsinged and handmade directly by Holy David himself. Not only he produces all his artworks, but he handsigns them with his own sigil to guarantee ownership and authenticity

Holy David signature is handwritten everytime right on the canvas, everytime changing a little bit so you know you're looking at the original one

Rarities that are uniquely yours

Express your best self

Stand out

Dry paint you'll love to watch.

A Holy David is amazing and completely something else. It’s the never-seen-before. It’s the art-that-makes-newspapers-talk. It’s the why-didn’t-we-have-art-like-this-before. It’s not just new art, it’s beautiful new art. And surely not the same art you already have seen somewhere else that everybody else is buying and collecting. Wheter you are a collector or a curator, you'll have distinctive new art to show, sell and possess.

Eco-friendly artist

Valuable asset

Watch it grow

Such potential and creative power is the fuel for an amazing art growth. Imagine seeing the artist you recently invested in grow in value and preciousness. That'd be quite the catch for you!


Beautiful art

Or just watch it

In your spacious new bedroom, on the walls of your own office, or posted on Instagram behind you for your fans to see. Holy David's artworks are first of all such a pleasure to look at and show thanks to their fresh style and concept.

Or just watch it

It's a blossoming beauty

Fresh art

Only Holy David is Holy David

Holy David's artworks have that something that no other artist has. It's when you have one of his artworks right in front of you that you feel they just click right.

Or just watch it

Take the chance

Make your own art's good

Holy David is entering the market now and once it will grow, you will be proud to tell your friends and family how future-forward you were today, without any regret. Because a chance like this happens only once in a lifetime.

Powerful innovation

The future of art. Today.

Each piece of art made by Holy David is an exceptional and unique travel, from ideation to final touches. Holy David uses a broad range of futuristic technologies to bring his concepts to life. His artworks are processed by advanced machine learning architectures, computed and rendered with artificial-intelligence-based softwares and then printed by powerful machines. It’s the best computational art process he has ever built.

Eco-friendly artist


Not just the head in the clouds

Digital canvas. Virtual paint. Cloud database. All the things that make an artist an artist have been moved to the cloud. For the final boost in creativity.

The virtual art process allows Holy David to work everywhere, anytime, making art production enter the future of productivity and the next level of creativity. So every Holy David will be an amazing surprise for you every time.

The virtual art studio is now a reality.


Beauty is in the AI of the beholder

To make the art of the future, you need to use the tools of the future. To experiment and elaborate new vision, Holy David uses all the recent technologies, even the most experimental ones. And results are incredible.

The virtual art studio is now a reality.


Online viewing. Done right.

Online viewing is finally a smooth, sexy and pleasurable experience for you. Thanks to Holy David's exclusive invitation-only online viewing room, Simulacrum, you can look at artworks whenever you want and however you like as if you were visiting Holy David's studio yourself. That's neat!

The virtual art studio is now a reality.


The virtual art studio is now a reality.

Once just a dream, cloud technologies and digital tools allow Holy David to have a 100% art studio and make amazing artworks faster and better. And you can take that to your bank.

The virtual art studio is now a reality.

Eco-friendly artist

Holy David's favourite color? Green

Making art shouldn’t take away parts from our Planet. Using the latest cloud technologies and mobile applications, Holy David turned his whole art studio virtual. And it went beyond, making it 50% green and sustainable from start to finish. It’s crazy, but not impossible.

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March towards the future of art

Are you ready to make history?

Art world and art lovers, Holy David presents you the future of art. And a little more. Please join him for his special invitation-only online event.

Date reveal on late 2021

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